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Hering Berlin Gift-Guide

The most beautiful Christmas gifts for various budgets

The abundance of objects to choose from at Hering Berlin does not always make the decision easy. Sometimes the planned budget also provides some guidance.


Black Friday 2021

The gift card from Hering Berlin has never been so valuable! And this is how it works: You choose the amount for your gift card and we will add 20% of the value on Black Friday. In this way you make the recipient of your gift card an even more precious porcelain gift.


Piqueur by Hering Berlin

It is already part of Hering Berlin's tradition to tell entire stories with services, to provide material for conversation and to put diners in a mood appropriate to the meal or the season. Hering Berlin continues this leitmotif in the innovative, entirely handcrafted Piqueur collection...


We're moving!

Creative ideas need space to grow. After our projects have expanded, we are leaving our previous Berlin showroom P98 (Potsdamer Straße 98) on 01 November and expanding our space! True to the motto: „Und dann nischt wie raus nach Schlachtensee…“ („And then let's go to Schlachtensee..." - A little tip about the new location in original Berlinese).


Masters of their trade in dialogue:

How top chef Christian Jürgens and international award-winning designer Stefanie Hering inspire contemporary table culture.
For Hering Berlin's head designer Stefanie Hering, the discussion about the wishes and needs of top chefs is not infrequently the initial spark for creating objects that later also become signature pieces for herself. One of the most important of these initiators is one of the German chefs of recent years, Christian Jürgens.


Trunkshow | Handcrafted gifts from Hering Berlin

Handcrafted gifts embody values. Tradition, sustainability, responsibility for the mastery of craftsmanship and the will to break new ground in design. Stefanie Hering's design stands for all of this. Gifts with the signature of Hering Berlin thus also always carry that special something that signals to the recipient that the unique is just good enough for him or her.


Gourmet water

in Hering Berlin glass

Mineral water is pure magic: Falls from the sky. Seeps through layers of rock, enriches itself with minerals and trace elements. Slumbers deep underground until it is finally recovered and served as a noble companion to wine and the finest food at beautifully laid tables.



More and more gourmets are discovering the northern Croatian peninsula of Istria for themselves: this is due to the magic of the rocky coast, the quiet beauty of the hilly interior or the venerable buildings that often date back to the Venetians. Above all, it is also due to ambitious hoteliers and chefs as well as producers who succeed in tickling out the highest qualities from traditional regional products.


Perfect hostess gifts from Hering Berlin

A gift that makes a lasting impression on any occasion is a handpicked porcelain object from the Hering Berlin manufactory. Here, every single piece is made by hand by master craftsmen, according to centuries-old traditions and at the same time, thanks to the expertise and creative drive of designer Stefanie Hering, timelessly modern in its appeal.


Stefanie Hering for WOOD & WASHI

Points of light from her award-winning "Illusion" design, which was actually conceived for porcelain, now also dance gracefully over the highest-quality shades: the collaboration between designer Stefanie Hering and the Dutch sun shade manufacturer WOOD & WASHI is the perfect combination. The décor of the "Illusion" Shades Collection, which has just been launched in four colour shades, enlivens the surface of the shades without being too conspicuous as a design.


Trunkshow OCEAN

New designs by Stefanie Hering Online, 15-29 June 2021

Analogous to World Oceans Day, designer Stefanie Hering presents an exciting design extension of her classic and global success OCEAN, illustrated by Eleonore Gerhaher, in June. The new pieces will be presented exclusively online as part of a trunk show from 15 to 29 June on the Hering Berlin channels. They will be available there and only during the Trunkshow period in the form of eight sets curated by Stefanie Hering. Those who purchase one of these sets during the Trunkshow can also look forward to various add-ons as a gift with their order. These add-ons are special editions that will not be available in stores.


ICONS Edition: extension IRON CAST

Cast iron objects with porcelain

Stefanie Hering expands her ICONS series with objects at the interface between functional design pieces and art sculpture with three very special objects. In doing so, Hering devotes herself to the interaction of porcelain with a material that looks back on an equally great tradition of craftsmanship: Cast iron. The three objects are each unique, produced in a strictly limited edition from 2008.


WEDDING | Hering Berlin

A decision for life that is not only manifested in the word "yes": Those who get married move house or redecorate; but in any case, objects are on the wedding lists that accompany the couple through their future together. The most common wish: a dinner service.


EVOLUTION | The emergence of a new form

With EVOLUTION, porcelain designer Stefanie Hering redesigns the form itself: the latest collection from her manufactory Hering Berlin breaks with the traditional shape of plates, bowls and dishes and inscribes them with organic structures. These are reminiscent of calyxes, sprawling mushrooms or shells, depending on the interpretation.


Mother's Day | Father's Day

Choosing a truly appropriate gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is one of the biggest challenges. The oversupply of quickly forgotten, run-of-the-mill gifts is too immense. In contrast, small gifts from a manufactory like Hering Berlin symbolise lasting value and a sense of style. Because as different as all the porcelain presents from the pen of Stefanie Hering may be - what they all have in common is that they are unique.



The meeting of East and West

The pulsating mega-metropolis at the mouth of the Yangtze River, from where the first Chinese porcelains once found their way to Europe, inspired Stefanie Hering to create another table setting in her “Stefanie’s Favourites” series.


Bringing spring to the table:

Easter with porcelain from Hering Berlin

Whether at Easter brunch in the garden or in the festively decorated home: the time of year when nature fully awakens and spring unfolds its full splendour is a phase of enjoyment throughout the northern hemisphere. The focus on all these occasions: a particularly beautiful porcelain that brings the cheerful mood of awakening nature onto the terrace, the dining table or into the sun-drenched living room.


Online TrunkShow: “Spring Table”, 02-09 March 2021

Porcelain designer Stefanie Hering spent months experimenting with a glaze that shimmers in vibrant shades of green, from emerald to bottle green. She will be presenting the first objects from this new collection, Emerald, from 02-09 March 2021 as part of an online TrunkShow that fits perfectly into this time of year and at the same time takes into account the diverse decoration and combination possibilities: Spring Table.



A selection of outstanding individual objects by Stefanie Hering

Not only do many objects from Hering Berlin's dining collections, with which designer Stefanie Hering revolutionised the appearance of manufactured porcelain, deserve this designation. Hering has now also named a special selection of pieces ICONS, which shed the corset of a form bound to its function and instead bear much of the artistic thinking of the trained master ceramist.



Transform and Renew

German writer Hermann Hesse was not the only one to know that there is magic in every beginning. East Asia celebrates the ancient Chinese New Year every year - with many mystical customs, kinship gatherings and festive meals.


Hering Berlin Valentine's Cups

with personally selected symbols - Special Edition 2021

"Spring is coming, the first flowers are sprouting" - this very special time of year inspired the British poet Geoffrey Chaucer to declare Saint Valentine's name day a day of love in a poem back in the 14th century. And to this day, people around the globe seek to pay attention to those who are especially dear to them for 14 February.


Fine Dining at Home

As the winter is in full swing and we are home more than usual, let’s still have more great experiences at the dinner table right at home! There’s many ways to create sophisticated, unique and delicious fine dining experiences without going out. 


“Stefanie Herings Favourites”

Style worlds from a designer's hand

With "Stefanie Herings Favourites", the Berlin designer presents a series of specially curated table settings that could not be more surprising. They provide a deep insight into the internationally renowned designer's personal sense of style, her creativity, and also into places to which Hering feels particularly attached. At the same time, they impressively demonstrate how quickly and easily new worlds of style can be developed with just a few elements. The "Favourites" show how international table culture has become and how directly people of the most diverse nationalities and cultures can be addressed by a table setting.