Breakfast Porcelain ignites your day

Starting the day well, makes you so much more ready for what is to come. From a lazy laid back sunday to the most challenging working day. Starting the day with a delightful breakfast puts a smile on your face. So why not give this moment some extra attention? At Hering Berlin it’s where we can make it happen for you, with our mesmerizing Porcelain Dinnerware and Crystal Glassware.

Quality time for you, your family, your loved ones

Every day is a breakfast day. You can rush through it and start the day stressful, or you can capture this moment as one to cherish. A moment to enjoy the meal, enjoy the quality time, get ready by yourself or in good company of loved ones and family. When you pick up your cup of coffee and you know it’s right. That simple ritual, good coffee and high end Porcelain can put a smile on your face. The joy of using the best dinnerware there is and knowing it. How it feels, how it exudes quality and craftsmanship, how it makes that coffee taste just that bit better. Simple yet powerful. It’s what we grant you! And it’s so easy to enjoy.

A moment of joy in the today’s high pace world

With the world moving so fast, one might forget to enjoy the moment. And as many of them as possible! Breakfast can be such a positivity boost for your day, why not enjoy it as much as possible every day. Have that moment of joy, happiness and appreciation of that what makes you happy. 

Appreciation for who you enjoy your breakfast with, the food & drinks and the delightful Porcelain dinnerware. Even if it’s a fast breakfast, you will experience the quality of the plates, cups, teapots and other dinnerware. Why not add a small gesture that brings a moment of joy, to every start of the day.

A few berries in a bowl. Some flowers in a mug. A chocolate on a plate. Placed at the table, to surprise, to enjoy it’s a simple gesture. It will surely add a spark to any day.

Mix and Match your Breakfast Dinnerware

At Hering Berlin we have the complete Porcelain Service for all moments of the day. And if that is what you are after, we would love to assist you on building your perfect collection. Feel free to shop online or contact us to let us help you with all the Porcelain and Crystal you require and desire.

More starters

If you are more interested in a starter service for breakfast. You can review our starter sets. Including plates and cups to get the basics right. From there expand with the great extensions our collections have to offer. What about the Amuse Bouche plateau’s? Or these small presentation dishes? Do you see your breakfast come to live yet? Maybe add some flowers in a porcelain beaker? A porcelain bowl for fresh fruits?

As you see, you don’t have to complete a service for a 7 course Christmas meal for 20 persons. Of course you can, but if you want to start small. You can and have the delightful moments of joy on all and every day’s meals, coffee and tea times.

Porcelain starter sets for breakfast and more

Have a look at our porcelain starter sets, browse through our different collections and Porcelain service extenders, add a small dish or go for the golden teapot. It’s your moment of joy each and every day. Enjoy our Porcelain and let us know when you’ve added that spark to your breakfast!