Manu Factum: doing everything by hand is the key factor in Stefanie Hering’s work – not only in designing her porcelain tableware collections, which are made by highly experienced artisans, but also in her art objects, which Stefanie Hering herself creates in the workshop, from the original idea to the implementation. Whether it’s an edition or an individual piece, an art project or a collaboration with other artists: the result is always experimental workpieces that add a whole new dimension to the perception of porcelain in art.

The pure beauty of form

Stefanie Hering has been involved in the dialogue with porcelain since she trained as a ceramicist, obtaining her master craftsman’s certificate thirty years ago: what are the limits of the feasible? How extreme can shapes be made before they become unstable? What happens if the material is put in the kiln stretched paper-thin or as thick as a thumb? Stefanie Hering’s experiments with shapes, porcelain recipes, glazes, and firing processes are even more radical for her artistic work than for her design collections. Working alone or collaborating closely with artists from very different disciplines, such as video art or performance, she creates pieces of such great formal power that they have been awarded international prizes (e.g. the German Design Award, ICFF Editors Awards Craftsmanship New York) and are exhibited in the most important museums of porcelain art – the Musée National de Céramique in Sèvres and the Grassi Museum in Leipzig.