Creative Confessions | Masters of their trade

With her visionary and award-winning designs, Hering Berlin designer Stefanie Hering stands for a certain attitude and ethics in design. Because all objects, whether made of porcelain or glass, are manufactured by hand in lovingly detailed work in authentic manufactories. This requires skill, unconditional knowledge and of course respect for the resources with which she works. As in the porcelain design with Stefanie Hering, masters of their trade are also forming in other creative industries, who rely on real values and a new attentiveness in creation. Stefanie Hering is in conversation with these designers. The series Creative Confessions begins with Stefanie Hering’s video dialogue with 3-star chef Enrico Bartolini from the restaurant of the same name at MUDEC, Museo delle Culture di Milan. In cooperation with the Goethe Institute Milan, the film was shown for the first time in June at Fuorisalone Digital 2020. Further issues of Creative Confessions will follow.

Enrico Bartolini Enrico Bartolini