Entering a new Domain

In 2009 Stefanie Hering launched her first glassware collection titled Domain. As her inaugural glassware collection, Stefanie envisioned glasses for her own home; therefore, they had to be not just beautiful but also functional—a celebration of craftsmanship in every detail. 


Drinking Glasses

Our range of four tumblers, including glasses for water, drinks on the rocks, and long drinks, feature delicate curves that comfortably fit in the hand. They are available in a puristic 'Clear' version or with a distinct facet known as 'Clear Flow.' The latter is also offered in colors such as 'Amber Flow' and 'Smoky Gray Flow.‘

Shown right: Clear
Shown below: Amber Flow


An extension of fine stemware spanning from cocktail to wine glasses continues Stefanie Hering's Iconic silhouettes of flowing curves. As an update from her opulent ‘Römer' glasses, that were part of the initial collection, Stefanie Hering’s latest addition to the Domain collection highlights delicate stems and fine, lead-free crystal glass. It seamlessly blends distinctive design elements with the functional and sensory attributes sought after by wine glass professionals.

During the manufacturing process, master glassmakers blow molten glass into a wooden mold under steady rotation, wherein the wooden material significantly contributes to achieving the highest quality glass surface. Subsequently, the glass enters an annealing oven to gradually cool down and relieve internal tension within the glass mass.

Environmentally conscious

We rely on environmentally conscious, lead-free crystal glass containing small amounts of titanium oxide. This not only enhances the glass's overall sturdiness but also improves its surface hardness. The smoother glass surface is more resistant to dulling and clouding from abrasion, making it an excellent choice for everyday use. 

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