Delicate bisque porcelain combined with hard techno beats on the turntables – you think that doesn't fit? It does!

For the opening of our spectacular gallery space on Potsdamer Straße we will let high culture collide with subculture in an artful and extravagant manner! Together with the Berlin-based DJ duo Blænk Minds, Stefanie Hering created an exciting project combining visual arts, crafts, and music: Elegant design and the fine craftsmanship of Hering Berlin's porcelain art are captured in impressive video art and merge with throbbing beats to create a stirring symbiosis.


The duo Blænk Minds has long fascinated Berlin's club scene with imaginative audiovisuals that skilfully "marry" sound and image, as Thea, the film-making part of the duo, says. Together with Kristian, DJ and motion designer, she creates music videos for electronic music – in fact, much more than that: Blænk Minds tell stories about Berlin. About the city, which artistically transforms strong contrasts into harmony!


Hering Berlin