Hering Berlin presents new objects from the Evolution tableware collection

Hering Berlin is extending its Evolution Collection with five new introductions designed as art pieces for the table. Thanks to their unique shapes, these latest designs from Stefanie Hering will enhance Hering Berlin’s range with organic-looking reliefs complemented by sculptured asymmetrical folds and curves.

The new Evolution pieces include a Coupe Plate with six indentations whose relief-like forms cast subtle shadows on the bisque porcelain and extend the mirror to the rim of the plate. Inspired for serving oysters around a mound of coarse salt, or for presenting a center preparation surrounded by its accoutrements.

Shallow Dish

A new Shallow Dish perfect for salads, poké and pasta is adorned with outside indentations of bisque porcelain for a unique tactile experience. The varying thickness of the porcelain decor creates subtly shimmering surfaces on the inside of the bowl thanks to an interplay of opaqueness and translucency.

Oval Serving Dishes

The new Oval Serving Dishes, offered in various sizes, stand out for their unusual asymmetrical silhouette, where the porcelain looks as if it has been bent or folded. Even when empty, these pieces bring a sculptural presence to the table.

Oval Amuse-Bouche Dish, Small


Oval Plate

Serving Platter, Large

“I was interested in designing objects with a sculptural feel, precious pieces for unique moments at the table,” Hering says of Evolution’s design.

In the creation process for Evolution’s challenging forms, Stefanie Hering constantly pushes the noble material and its craftsmanship to new levels. Elaborate test cycles and development begin at the design and toolmaking stages and continue through each form’s hand crafting stages, culminating in finishing each porcelain piece with exquisite hand polishing.

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