Hering Berlin Gift-Guide

The most beautiful Christmas gifts for various budgets.

The abundance of objects to choose from at Hering Berlin does not always make the decision easy. Sometimes the planned budget also provides some guidance.

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A gift for around 100 euros could be, for example, a small amuse bouche bowl from the "Velvet" collection, which is also very suitable for arranging table decorations, a multi-bowl or a cake and bread plate from the "Pulse" series, or one of the versatile saucers from this collection. If you are looking for something a little more elegant, the small, versatile coffee plate with gold leaf dots from the "Orbit" series is also in this price category.


For around 200 euros, Hering Berlin offers, for example, the large, versatile dinner and charger or the amuse bouche bowl of the "Pulse" collection as well as the large amuse bouche bowl, which is also suitable for fruit and pastries, the spinner plate or the oyster bar in the simple "Velvet" décor. The wine glasses of the "Domain" line are also in this price category.


Elaborately decorated objects are available from Hering Berlin for between 200 and 500 euros, for example from the “Cielo” collection, which plays with light and shadow effects, in which a hole decoration is artfully drilled or cut into the still unfired porcelain mass by hand.


For 500 euros and up, things can get really ostentatious - for example with objects from the “Polite Gold” collection by Stefanie Hering with large areas of hand-applied and polished gold leaf.

Gift voucher

For all those who are still looking for a truly personal gift but do not know exactly which object or collection will please the recipient the most, the Hering Berlin Gift Voucher is the perfect present. The recipient can then choose for themselves the objects that will accompany them through the passage of time. The Gift Voucher can be issued in any amount - redeemable for all objects in the Hering Berlin online shop. Feel free to send us a direct message or book the gift card online on our website.

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