Porcelain Bowls and Saucers

The bowls and saucers by Hering Berlin offer many possibilities for any exquisite dining experience and table setting thanks to their characteristic design and unique appearance. The handcrafted porcelain soup, dessert and fruit bowls are available in different collections that all mix and match. The bowls and saucers are often available in different sizes, for each specific purpose wether common, like soup, desert and fruit, or creative to hold whatever you envision. Have a look at our unique, handmade designer bowls, the always present element in any dinnerware collection.

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Unique Bowl and Saucer Sets

Hering Berlin Design

The bowls and saucers from Hering Berlin are designed for various applications such as fruit and ice cream desserts or consommés. The quality, the uniqueness, the aesthetics of our bowl and saucer sets will be an excellent platform for the most delightful soups, desserts, fruits and more. Whether you are a veteran top-chef, a passionate home cook or a lover of design porcelain dinnerware. These bowls and saucers are simply the best there are. For any gourmet dinner, complete the experience with mesmerizing porcelain.

Handcrafted Bowls and Plates

Created by the Best Artisans

Stefanie Hering always designs handmade porcelain. This is why the top designer always works with the best artisans. For these bowls with saucers, Stefanie Hering has likewise worked with the best in this field as they understand the core and style of her designs and can implement them in outstanding quality according to the challenging requirements. This is another reason why Hering Berlin's designs have been part of design collections and exhibitions all over the world for many years. The best of the best in each aspect of design, production and distribution.

Undisputed Master in Porcelain

Stefanie Hering

Porcelain designer Stefanie Hering is the undisputed leader in the combination of classic elegance and versatile refinement. Her many years of experience and her attention to detail give every porcelain object its own creative touch. Hering Berlin's collections are available in pure white as well as richly decorated, but always perfect in style and craftsmanship.

Creativity Across Borders

The development of the Stefanie Hering Porcelain Dinnerware collections over the years has shown that they cross and transcend borders more effectively than ever, making a characteristic contribution to innovations in the world of porcelain manufactories. With special porcelain recipes, biscuit or glaze methods and firing processes, she is always searching for the limits of what is feasible in her field. Stefanie Hering adopts modern developments, perfects new approaches, and combines them with the traditional production of manufactory porcelain. Just as those that adopt the masterpiece collections to create their own masterpiece in dining experiences.

The finest restaurants cooperate with Hering Berlin to create their unique gourmet dining experience. Where the porcelain dinnerware is the compliment to fine dining. Are you after the 3 stars of Michelin dining? That Hering Berlin has the dinnerware for you. Are you not into the profession of gourmet dining, but are you nonetheless looking for the best handcrafted, unique porcelain dinnerware? Then we are here for you just the same! For all how know the intrinsic value of design and craftsmanship of Porcelain Dinnerware, look no further, these bowls are simply the best, crossing borders common use. Dessert, soup or fruitbowl? Yes and suitable for any fusion of food and style you might envision.

Hering Berlin Bowl with Saucer

Flexibility and Design of Mix & Match

Hering Berlin has perfected the idea of "Mix & Match" for the porcelain manufactories. Many of the collections designed by Stefanie Hering are not only offered as standalone dinnerware collections but can also be easily combined with each other. The porcelain bowls with saucers match well with items in other collections. Discover how to create beautiful combinations according to your own taste and style in the online shop. Be inspired by the dinnerware sets as curated by the designer and entrepreneur Stefanie Hering herself. Browse our porcelain collections and are you not yet sure what to choose, or how to collect the best set for you? Contact us, we are ready to help you!

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