Hering Berlin * Pott Cooperation

Since 1995, Stefanie Hering, porcelain designer and founder of the Hering Berlin manufactory, and Wilhelm Seibel, owner and managing director of the legendary cutlery manufactory Pott, have known and appreciated each other. Now the idea of cooperation has become reality. Starting in November, four exquisite bundles on the themes of salt, cheese and oysters will be available, combining the unique aesthetics of both brands.

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Delightful Breakfast

Starting the day well, makes you so much more ready for what is to come. From a lazy laid back sunday to the most challenging working day. Starting the day with a delightful breakfast puts a smile on your face. So why not give this moment some extra attention? At Hering Berlin it’s where we can make it happen for you, with our mesmerizing Porcelain Dinnerware and Crystal Glassware.

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Online TrunkShow: *Festive Table

10. to 17. November 2020

Once the leaves have fallen, the time of the festive tables begins - on St. Martin's Day, First Advent, Saint Lucia's Day and on Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The coming festive season offers many opportunities for get-togethers with friends or family - from a beautifully staged brunch to an informal five-o-clock tea to a festive dinner. And precisely because this year many dinner parties will probably be somewhat smaller than usual, it is important to spoil yourself with the design of the dining table and express to the guests how precious these moments of gathering have become.

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Fruit and Porcelain

Enjoy the season

Not by chance a topic of many paintings,the still life artworks of fruit. Carefully immortalized by the greatest of painters of yesteryear. To today and into the future a good collection of fresh fruits and flowers is something to enjoy. Live by the seasons and experience nature at it's richest.

Coffee or tea?

Either in Porcelain

We all long for our coffee’s and tea’s every now and then. Weekly, daily, hourly, it’s our moment of relaxation and recharging the body and mind for whatever comes next. Why not make that moment more special every time? At Hering Berlin we know how.

Black Friday 2020 | Hering Berlin Gift Card „True Values“

True Values! Hering Berlin is a manufactory brand. Every single object from Stefanie Hering's hand, whether in porcelain or glass, reflects the claim of attentiveness in design and manufacturing processes. Respect for resources, the environment and the traditional master craftsmanship, which is passed on and preserved from generation to generation. Only the best craftsmen, carefully trained over many years, transform Hering's designs with a love of detail into fine, style-defining and beautiful unique pieces, which are above all one thing: a conscious, sustainable choice.


Mesmerizing Candlelight

Enjoy the tranquility of the dancing flames, be at peace with your self, candles are such a simple, delicate, yet powerful source of pleasure in many ways. Whether you are unwinding by yourself in the coziness of your own home.

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TRAYS by Stefanie Hering

Porcelain that provides a festive setting for culinary delicacies - not only in top gastronomy, but also at the dining table at home: this is the mastery of designer Stefanie Hering. With her new TRAYS by Stefanie Hering series, the designer with a soft spot for timeless shapes and décors that can only be produced by hand takes this principle to the extreme: Read more about TRAYS

Xmas International

A splendid Christmas Porcelain from Hering Berlin

Christmas: a celebration that many associate not only with joy and splendour, childhood memories and happy family reunions, but also with culinary traditions that have often been passed down for generations. This means it is important that the accompanying feast and delicacies, which often take days to prepare, also look the part. Each country, each district has its own Christmas highlights. But wherever and however you celebrate, handmade porcelain from Hering Berlin not only offers you a wide variety of style and design options for your festive table, but also... read more

Online TrunkShow: Glazes * by Stefanie Hering

Hering Berlin presents selected individual pieces and sets from the Obsidian, Blue Silent and Silent Brass collections at exclusive preferential prices

Set buyers will be able to enjoy a limited design highlight developed especially for Stefanie Hering's TrunkShow: When purchasing one of the four "bundles", you will receive two cups with an inside! coloured glaze as a gift - freely selectable in the glaze colours obsidian, blue silent and silent brass.

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Curves & Porcelain

The minimalist design language of Stefanie Hering, the designer behind Hering Berlin, not only ensures that all food and drinks are presented in a visually perfect manner without any great effort. It also provides the necessary clarity so that the mind and senses can gather in peace and prepare for the day.

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New Years

What’s the best way to start the New Year?

It’s written in the stars: You don’t have to be an astrologer to know that if you ring in the New Year at a beautifully set table, aesthetics and pleasure will continue to play a major role in the future. Hering Berlin’s hand-made porcelain offers a variety of decorations from subtle to striking; they can stand alone or be uniquely combined to turn each of the coming 365 days into a celebration. Some particularly beautiful accoutrements for the turn of the year include... read more

World premiere: PalmHouse X | Trunk show

This selection of Stefanie Hering’s new porcelain objects for her award-winning PalmHouse X collection will be launched exclusively online as an international premiere

– and offered at a special price for connoisseurs for a limited time from 31th March to 6th April.

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