TRAYS by Stefanie Hering

Porcelain that provides a festive setting for culinary delicacies - not only in top gastronomy, but also at the dining table at home: this is the mastery of designer Stefanie Hering. With her new TRAYS by Stefanie Hering series, the designer with a soft spot for timeless shapes and décors that can only be produced by hand takes this principle to the extreme:

A series of the most diverse trays invite you to use them not only to put on and take off glasses and dishes, but also as a basis for loose arrangements of fruit, vegetables, other foods or flowers. Framed by the striking white rim of the trays, they almost look like still lifes that have become tangible.


However, the impressive effect is not only due to the striking colourfulness, but also to the art involved in making these trays, which makes each piece unique. This is because Stefanie Hering, herself a master porcelain maker, develops all her shapes and decorations on the basis of traditional handicraft techniques and combines them with highly innovative methods she has developed that can only be carried out by hand in Hering's manufactory in Reichenbach.

For example, the fine ribbed pattern of the tray from the "Pulse" collection is created by applying ring structures to the still unfired porcelain with shellac. The remaining areas are then washed out by hand. The shellac layer glows during the firing process. What remains is a delicate white-in-white pattern that can also be felt by hand.

The glazes that cover the surfaces of the deep blue, black or gold-coloured trays are also a Hering Berlin development, for which Stefanie Hering experimented for months with specialised craftsmen: they are poured by hand, run a little differently on each object and also accumulate on the porcelain surface in ever varying opaque and transparent layers. This iridescent effect, which emphasises the intensity of the colours, is particularly effective on the large surface of the trays from the "Blue Silent", "Obsidian" and "Silent Brass" collections.

But not only because of their uniqueness, which you can enjoy over and over again for years, the TRAYS by Stefanie Hering make a wonderful gift especially for this somewhat special Christmas:

They are also an excellent element of an unpretentious but at the same time unusual and eye-catching table decoration. "You can be opulent at the table - with the food, but also with the tableware and décor," says Stefanie Hering. That's why, for the festive table, she recommends "creating an architecture at the table and playing with different heights, sizes and shapes of vessels and objects."

The TRAYS by Stefanie Hering are not only the result of an intensive creative process, they also formulate an invitation to everyone to become creative themselves and to experiment with twigs, flowers, fruits or candles on this wonderful basis and to create ever new decorative arrangements that bring joy every time you look at them during these rather quiet Christmas days - for others, but above all for yourself.