Premiere glass collection "Domain" by Stefanie Hering "Architecture of Wine" - Sommelier event with star architects MangMauritz

Munich/Berlin. 12 June, 2018.

A wine tasting with the slogan "Architecture of Wine" in the elegant rooms of the architectural studio MangMauritz in Munich is just one of many proofs of the outstanding quality of the wine glass series launched by designer Stefanie Hering under the name "Domain". Sommelier Astrid Zieglmeier, who organised the tasting and tested the sensory qualities of the glasses, attests to both the beauty and the superb functional qualities of the glasses.

The process of creating the series was basically similar to that of the exclusive, handmade porcelain for which the Hering Berlin brand is known. Stefanie Hering, in collaboration with the Theresienthal glassworks, also made the glasses entirely by hand using the most delicate material. Prior to this, the designer had also worked closely on the requirements that glasses for different types of wine must meet in order to show off their contents to their best advantage. Stefanie Hering found the starting point for the design in a traditional glass type: the Romer, with its typical ribbed stem. The shape of Romer glasses dates back to the 16th century; since then, it has been regarded as a symbol of down-to-earth, unadulterated enjoyment. Stefanie Hering lengthened and refined this traditional shape and gave the stem and glass a special shade of grey developed with Theresienthal. Glasses for Bordeaux, Riesling, Chianti, Chardonnay, and Burgundy are available, as well as two different designs for sparkling wine and champagne. What they have in common is an upward tapering shape that holds the scent molecules of the wine inside the glass particularly well. Apart from that, the glasses are precisely tailored to the needs of the respective wines. For the designer of the most luxurious tableware objects, this task was both challenging and appealing: to create the perfect setting for wine produced with great craftsmanship, using double-blown, double crystal glasses likewise created by hand.