For every festive occasion: Porcelain and crystal gifts from Hering Berlin

Festive events provide a setting for pleasant surprises. There are many ways to express attention and affection with an unforgettable gift. Hering Berlin's porcelain and crystal gifts were developed to leave an extraordinary impression. The objects of the gift collections are ideal for weddings, birthdays, house warmings, or anniversaries, but also as special surprises on traditional holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas.


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Porcelain gifts are handmade design objects

The designer Stefanie Hering created the porcelain gifts from the finest biscuit porcelain. From the classic elegance of the "Velvet" or "Piqueur" collections to the innovative style of "Cielo" or "Alif" to the almost avant-garde look of "Blue Silent" or "Silent Iron": every handmade design object offers many possibilities for a suitable gift.

Perfection of the highest quality

The crystal objects from Hering Berlin are also among the best in the world, making them an unforgettable gift. All mouth-blown and hand-cut glass sets are manufactured by Glashütte Theresienthal in Bavaria. The enormous knowledge and experience of the craftsmen make Glashütte Theresienthal the international centre of crystal glass production.

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