Let the wine breathe with elegance: Wine decanter from Hering Berlin

The right crystal wine decanter makes wine even more enjoyable. The crystal decanter from Hering Berlin meets the highest quality standards and lets your wine breathe optimally. The drawn-in shape and the fine vertical lines in the goblet as well as the rounding in the bottom lend this object a classic elegance. Top designer Stefanie Hering developed the design for her famous domain collection in the variants Clear Flow and Smoked. As part of the unique Mix & Match concept, it is also possible to use the wine decanter in other Hering Berlin collections.


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Wine decanter for optimal enhancement of aromas and fragrances

Use of a crystal wine decanter is primarily intended to enhance the taste of the wine. The wide and spherical bottom of the decanter ensures that the wine comes into contact with more air in a shorter time. Through the action of oxygen and the reduction of carbon dioxide, the wine matures faster so that the variety of aromas and a wide range of fragrances unfold optimally. The high-quality crystal of this wine decanter also provides a visually expressive effect.

Characteristic contribution to innovation

Over the years, Stefanie Hering's collections have crossed borders and made a characteristic contribution to innovation, even in the world of crystal. That is why she works with the crystal glass manufacturer Theresienthal for her designs.

Crystal Glass Manufacturer Theresienthal: Perfection for Highest Quality Glasses

The enormous knowledge and experience of the artisan make the crystal glass manufactory Theresienthal the international centre of crystal glass production. Since 1836 glassblowers, engravers, painters and craftsmen have guaranteed perfect quality in this high-quality field. The top quality used at that time by the Theresienthal founders Franz and Wilhelm Steigerwald as a benchmark meets Stefanie Hering’s high demands on design and comfort. Her design language and claim to the highest quality are a challenge the experienced glassmakers of the crystal glass manufactory Theresienthal in Bavaria always rise to. The wine decanter of the Domain collection is the best example of this: exclusive quality combined with classic elegance.

Wine decanter also in Mix & Match

Hering Berlin is the only supplier of manufactory porcelain to have perfected the "Mix & Match". Many of the collections designed by Stefanie Hering are not only offered as standalone collection but can also be easily combined with each other. The Crystal Wine Decanter therefore goes well with items in the other collections. Discover how to create beautiful combinations according to your own taste and style in the online shop with these wine decanters.

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