Beauty and quality in synergy: Crystal glasses from Hering Berlin

The mouth-blown crystal glasses from Hering Berlin are extraordinary down to the smallest detail. Top designer Stefanie Hering always finds the ideal combination of artistic beauty, the best material, and the highest achievable quality. The shape of her wine glasses supports the unfolding of the molecules of smell and taste, while the crystal allows the senses to experience the touch and sound.

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Famous sommeliers such as Astrid Zieglmeier, head of the culinary and leisure department at the IHK Munich among others, praise the crystal glasses from Hering Berlin: "They meet the highest demands both from the decorative aspect as well as in terms of how well wines are accentuated in them. This duplication is rare. In addition, the glasses are also easy to use from a haptic point of view, because it is easier to hold a ribbed handle than a smooth, thin one. "Stefanie Hering also designs crystal glasses for other drinks, from whisky to martini or water, with only one goal in mind: to let your guests and yourself fully enjoy the splendour of the glass and its contents.

The development of Stefanie Hering's collections over the years manifests transcendence of borders. In a characteristic way, she also makes a contribution to innovation and stylish design of glass and crystal. During the development, Stefanie Hering paid special attention to the requirements of glass as material in order to optimally accentuate its content. This led her to cooperate with the crystal glass manufacturer Theresienthal in the Lower Bavarian district of Regen.

The enormous knowledge and experience of the artisans make the Theresienthal manufactory an international centre of crystal glass production. Since 1836 glassblowers, engravers, painters and craftsmen have been working to achieve perfection in this highly demanding field. For Stefanie Hering there was no doubt about the joint creation of her crystal glass collections. The top quality used at that time by the Theresienthal founders Franz and Wilhelm Steigerwald as a benchmark fits perfectly to their high demands on design and comfort.

Hering Berlin is the only supplier of manufactory porcelain to have perfected the "Mix & Match". Many of the collections designed by Stefanie Hering are not only offered as standalone collection but can also be easily combined. The mouth-blown crystal glasses therefore go well with items in the other collections. Discover how to create beautiful combinations according to your own taste and style in the online shop.

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