Stefanie Hering

Interview with Stefanie Hering, designer, artist, and entrepreneur at Hering Berlin

Stefanie Hering is a trained master porcelain maker and the focus of her internationally renowned design brand is deliberately innovative: every stage carried out entirely by hand at a site in Germany and characteristic design tailored to the small but extremely promising new market of "mindful luxury" consumers. What makes Stefanie Hering's work truly special is the excellent shapes, which result from playing, experimenting, and trying things out, as well as from absolute knowledge of porcelain as a material. The result are the finest porcelain objects that look artistic while at the same time being highly functional and have long since found their way into important design collections, into the luxury catering and leading hotel business, and, above all, onto the tables of design connoisseurs all over the world.

“What's on the plate must be ingenious in terms of both taste and craftsmanship”

What role do you think tableware plays in the ambience of a restaurant?
What's on the plate must be ingenious in terms of both taste and craftsmanship. This is a standard that also applies to porcelain in high-end gastronomy...