1. Silent Brass and Illusion | New collections designed by Stefanie Hering for Hering Berlin

    Silent Brass Collection

    Silent Brass and Illusion | New collections designed by Stefanie Hering for Hering Berlin

    Real innovations: with four new decorations, Berlin-based porcelain designer Stefanie Hering is once again exploring the limits of what is possible when it comes to materials and glazes. At the same time, Hering also remains true to herself: once again, she has developed innovative processes through elaborate experimental procedures – in this case, in the areas of glaze and decoration applications. These are so elaborate that they can only be produced by hand in the Hering Berlin master workshops in Reichenbach – and result in objects that are each absolutely unique. All the new decorations are available on a selection of existing shapes and make a targeted addition to selected Hering Berlin collections, with which they can be combined as desired according to the "mix and match" principle.

    The new decorations in detail:

    Silent Brass

    Silent Brass Collection

    It looks as if liquid metal has just been poured over plates and bowls. But the secret behind the vibrantly iridescent brass colour of the Silent Brass decoration is an innovative glaze made with ground basalt, which flows in a distinct pattern over each object, making it a truly unique piece. The exquisite colour was conceived as a counterpoint to the Piqueur decoration, but also perfectly complements pieces from the Polite Gold and Polite Platin collection.

    Silent Brass Gold

    Silent Brass Gold

    What a contrast! On the outside, the slightly rough look and feel of dazzling white bisque porcelain. On the inside, the liquescent, metallic smoothness of the Silent Brass glaze, with its deliberately uneven flow. In between, a precisely drawn gold strip connecting these opposite poles. Silent Brass Gold enhances the effect of the innovative Silent Brass decoration and can also be attractively combined with other Hering Berlin decorations.

    Silent Brass Platinum

    Silent Brass Collection

    Metal and porcelain: the interplay of haptic contrasts, metallic colours, and textures reaches its apex in this decoration. An opaque platinum ring accentuates the dividing line between the glaze and the delicate bisque porcelain and focuses the eye on the apparent movement in the transparent, brass-coloured Silent Brass glaze.


    Illusion Coupe Teller

    Points of light dancing over a surface: at Hering Berlin, this effect exists not only when light shines onto plates or tables through the hand-cut holes in the Cielo collection, but also as a decorative motif. Illusion conjures up this interplay of light and shadow with a partially dissolving decoration directly on the porcelain. Objects with this motif not only make great stand-alone pieces, but also serve as an ideal complement to parts of a service with the Cielo decoration.

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  2. Interview mit Stefanie Hering (Teaser) - EN

    Stefanie Hering

    Interview with Stefanie Hering, designer, artist, and entrepreneur at Hering Berlin

    Stefanie Hering is a trained master porcelain maker and the focus of her internationally renowned design brand is deliberately innovative: every stage carried out entirely by hand at a site in Germany and characteristic design tailored to the small but extremely promising new market of "mindful luxury" consumers. What makes Stefanie Hering's work truly special is the excellent shapes, which result from playing, experimenting, and trying things out, as well as from absolute knowledge of porcelain as a material. The result are the finest porcelain objects that look artistic while at the same time being highly functional and have long since found their way into important design collections, into the luxury catering and leading hotel business, and, above all, onto the tables of design connoisseurs all over the world.

    “What's on the plate must be ingenious in terms of both taste and craftsmanship”

    What role do you think tableware plays in the ambience of a restaurant?
    What's on the plate must be ingenious in terms of both taste and craftsmanship. This is a standard that also applies to porcelain in high-end gastronomy...

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  3. Brand collaboration with Fèlsina - EN

    Hering Berlin at the Maxburg Galerie - Brand collaboration with Fèlsina

    Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between the Maxburg Galerie and Hering Berlin, the exclusive store right behind Lenbachplatz in Munich is increasingly becoming a sought-after address: for architects, designers, and project creators, as well as for connoisseurs and lovers of the finest dining culture.

    It is not only the fragile, hand-crafted porcelain objects by designer Stefanie Hering that are currently available there, but also exquisite olive oils from the Tuscan family business Fèlsina. Its groves, planted between the 1960s and 1980s, lie between the heartland of Chianti and the Colli Senesi and are cultivated and harvested with the same care as the estate's own vineyards. The result: single-variety oils with a broad spectrum of different flavours, which are characterised not only by the variety of olives processed, but also by the different terroir of the groves. Such lustrous, golden green treasures are almost too good to pour over salad. With a little bread, they can be enjoyed even on their own.

    A fine porcelain bowl with an extra-wide rim design provides the perfect setting for serving fine olive oil in this way; Stefanie Hering has included such bowls in several of her collections, ranging from the "Cielo", with its tiny openings, to the "Ocean", painted with elegant blue sea snails.

    Like Fèlsina's oils, Stefanie Hering's bowls are the result of an extremely meticulous, knowledgeable creation process: the designer, herself a master porcelain maker, develops all the shapes literally with her own hands, exploring the limits of her raw material, in terms of both the malleability of the material and its colour design with glazes. All objects are then made by hand at German locations – the special authenticity of this manu factum is just as characteristic of the objects by Hering Berlin as the designer's unconditional striving for form.

    You can experience the direct interaction with a food product that is no less elaborately produced throughout the summer at the Maxburg Galerie. The collaboration with Fèlsina is also part of a whole series of targeted events that began with the joint presentation of Hering Berlin porcelain and creations by the fabric artist Anke Drechsel in the spring and will be continued in the autumn with a series of artist presentations.

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  4. Interview with Astrid Zieglmeier - EN

    Hering Berlin Domain

    Interview with sommelier Astrid Zieglmeier

    The experienced sommelier Astrid Zieglmeier – head of the Gastronomy and Catering department at the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce – still finds it a stroke of luck that designer Stefanie Hering asked her to test the sensory properties of her glass series "Domain" from a professional point of view. Since then, Zieglmeier has even organised tastings with the glasses, for example on 12 June 2018 in the elegant premises of Munich-based architects MangMauritz.

    The wine glasses by Stefanie Hering meet the highest standards.

    What makes Stefanie Hering's wine glasses so special?
    They meet the highest standards, both from a decorative point of view and in terms of how well they bring out the best of wines. It is rare to find glasses that do both. In addition, the glasses are also easy to use in terms of haptics, because their ribbed stems feel better to hold at the table than smooth, thin ones.

    “Stefanie Hering...has developed this traditional form into much more delicate, elegant glasses that are far more suitable for wine than ‘normal' Romer glasses.”

    Read the full interview here...

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  5. Premiere glass collection "Domain" by Stefanie Hering

    Hering Berlin Domain Glas-Kollektion

    Premiere glass collection "Domain" by Stefanie Hering "Architecture of Wine" - Sommelier event with star architects MangMauritz

    Munich/Berlin. 12 June, 2018.
    A wine tasting with the slogan "Architecture of Wine" in the elegant rooms of the architectural studio MangMauritz in Munich is just one of many proofs of the outstanding quality of the wine glass series launched by designer Stefanie Hering under the name "Domain". Sommelier Astrid Zieglmeier, who organised the tasting and tested the sensory qualities of the glasses, attests to both the beauty and the superb functional qualities of the glasses.

    The process of creating the series was basically similar to that of the exclusive, handmade porcelain for which the Hering Berlin brand is known. Stefanie Hering, in collaboration with the Theresienthal glassworks, also made the glasses entirely by hand using the most delicate material. Prior to this, the designer had also worked closely on the requirements that glasses for different types of wine must meet in order to show off their contents to their best advantage. Stefanie Hering found the starting point for the design in a traditional glass type: the Romer, with its typical ribbed stem. The shape of Romer glasses dates back to the 16th century; since then, it has been regarded as a symbol of down-to-earth, unadulterated enjoyment. Stefanie Hering lengthened and refined this traditional shape and gave the stem and glass a special shade of grey developed with Theresienthal. Glasses for Bordeaux, Riesling, Chianti, Chardonnay, and Burgundy are available, as well as two different designs for sparkling wine and champagne. What they have in common is an upward tapering shape that holds the scent molecules of the wine inside the glass particularly well. Apart from that, the glasses are precisely tailored to the needs of the respective wines. For the designer of the most luxurious tableware objects, this task was both challenging and appealing: to create the perfect setting for wine produced with great craftsmanship, using double-blown, double crystal glasses likewise created by hand.

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  6. Spring

    It's Spring!

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  7. Send a Kiss

    Give a kiss that lasts for years to come!

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  8. Ausstellung Maxburg Galerie_EN

    Maxburg Galerie Porzellan

    Hering Berlin in Munich!

    Maxburg Gallery welcomes the fine porcelain creations of Hering Berlin and we would like to cordially invite you celebrate this with us.

    She has set the industry in motion: With her passion for finest usable porcelain, Stefanie Hering, designer and founder of Hering Berlin, has shaped a modern understanding of exquisite tableware culture. Her elegant objects, plates, cups and vessels are remarkable for their reduced shapes and captivatingly clear lines. The distinctive decors enhance many a celebrity dinner party or the culinary creations of renowned gourmet chefs, who particularly appreciate the flexibility and variety of combinations of the silky matte bisque and use it in the best restaurants around the world.

    Maxburg Galerie Porzellan

    The timeless design and outstanding aesthetics have already made the manufactured porcelain – handmade in Reichenbach – a contemporary classic: Get inspired by Hering Berlin!


    Maxburgstraße 4 
80333 München
    Opening times:

    Tuesday to Friday 
11am to 8pm
10am to 3pm

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  9. Hering Berlin loves Techno_EN

    Techno party

    Delicate bisque porcelain combined with hard techno beats on the turntables – you think that doesn't fit?
    It does!

    For the opening of our spectacular gallery space on Potsdamer Straße we will let high culture collide with subculture in an artful and extravagant manner! Together with the Berlin-based DJ duo Blænk Minds, Stefanie Hering created an exciting project combining visual arts, crafts, and music: Elegant design and the fine craftsmanship of Hering Berlin's porcelain art are captured in impressive video art and merge with throbbing beats to create a stirring symbiosis.

    The duo Blænk Minds has long fascinated Berlin's club scene with imaginative audiovisuals that skilfully "marry" sound and image, as Thea, the film-making part of the duo, says. Together with Kristian, DJ and motion designer, she creates music videos for electronic music – in fact, much more than that: Blænk Minds tell stories about Berlin. About the city, which artistically transforms strong contrasts into harmony!

    Hering Berlin

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  10. Sensually shaping the sensible

    Conceived in Berlin, produced in Reichenbach, and sold all over the world – Stefanie Hering’s exquisite bisque is some of the most popular porcelain among top chefs. Clear, modern and feminine: this is what Hering Berlin’s products are like, just like the personality behind the name: Stefanie Hering, who once was a teenager wild about ceramics is now part of the legacy of porcelain history as she moves into her twenty-fifth year as a passionate and successful entrepreneur in the manufacture of porcelain in the 21st century.

    “I immediately feel when a creation is completed – then the form crackles. It is so charged with tension that it almost shatters.”

    “Porcelain is incredibly robust and yet so fragile – just like life is. One must enjoy it as long as it lasts!”

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