Interview with sommelier Astrid Zieglmeier

The experienced sommelier Astrid Zieglmeier – head of the Gastronomy and Catering department at the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce – still finds it a stroke of luck that designer Stefanie Hering asked her to test the sensory properties of her glass series "Domain" from a professional point of view. Since then, Zieglmeier has even organised tastings with the glasses, for example on 12 June 2018 in the elegant premises of Munich-based architects MangMauritz.

The wine glasses by Stefanie Hering meet the highest standards.  

What makes Stefanie Hering's wine glasses so special?
They meet the highest standards, both from a decorative point of view and in terms of how well they bring out the best of wines. It is rare to find glasses that do both. In addition, the glasses are also easy to use in terms of haptics, because their ribbed stems feel better to hold at the table than smooth, thin ones.


“Stefanie Hering...has developed this traditional form into much more delicate, elegant glasses that are far more suitable for wine than ‘normal' Romer glasses.”

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